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With Love, From Your Chiropractor

This Valentines Day week, kick off National Heart Month with a little humor and heartfelt advice from Elizabeth Banks.

  Take a moment from your busy schedule to speak about heart health. I’m sure your patients might expect a lecture on diet and exercise, but once they have your attention, try to explain how chiropractic care helps proactively support the nerves that control heart rate and blood pressure.
  1. 1 in 4 deaths is caused by heart disease:
  2. Regular chiropractic adjustments may:
    1. Prevent heart attacks
    2. Lower blood pressure
    3. Reduce heart rate
    4. Relieve chest pain
    5. Support the cardiovascular system
We “HEART” You too! One demonstration of Medicfusion’s Chiropractic EHR Software will not only show you we care, but how we care enough to make it easy for you to simplify your practice.  We provide you with the tools made just for Chiropractors and we’re here with the helpful support you most desire. Don’t delay, schedule a brief demonstration today!
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Win Big with Your Patients on Super Bowl Sunday!

And the MVP is… Team Chiropractor!

American football players in game, touchdown. Stadium lightsThe Foundation for Chiropractic Progress (F4CP), is about to blow the lid off of any misconceptions around the importance of chiropractic care in our daily lives, including the NFL. Super Bowl 50 will showcase the leading players in the National Football League, with team chiropractors for the Carolina Panthers and the Denver Broncos, helping players achieve optimal performance. The F4CP feels that the role of chiropractors is sometimes diminished because most people do not fully understand the concept of this type of medicine and how it plays a big part in the overall game of wellness. So take the home team advantage this week. Remind your own patients that when they see their favorite player take a painful hit for that extra yard on the field, there is a qualified professional making sure they’re able to perform optimally. That professional is their doctor of chiropractic (DC). So this Sunday, remember, three cheers for Team DC! Now, Get Your Patients In the Game…Move the Ball Forward! When it comes to your home team, Medicfusion is there to support practice efficiency with many tools and templates, while allowing you the flexibility to edit and manage your way.
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