Data Migration


Date Migration

Optional with all Packages for an additional fee

A question almost every practitioner faces when moving to a new records management system is what to do with existing patient information. Data Migration into Medicfusion is an excellent solution and is available as an option for an additional fee.

In order to migrate patient demographics (at a minimum) from your existing Billing software or EHR/EMR, Medicfusion follows its standard process. Additional data will be migrated if possible. However, not all systems speak the same language, and although some migrations are seamless, others can be more difficult. If problems arise, you will be immediately contacted to discuss alternative methods and remedies that we use to assist our new customers with Data Migration.

Record management systems have been around so long and vary in so many ways that no EHR/EMR provider, including Medicfusion, can guarantee that all information will be migrated. Rest assured, there is a solution to move forward without paper.

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