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ePrescribe or eRx is a federally mandated program designed to encourage electronic prescribing. This is important to Medicfusion customers because they must have an eRx Limited License in place to be eligible for HITECH EHR Incentive funds.

Medicfusion makes it easy for its customers to obtain this license. We have partnered with DrFirst to provide advanced HITECH certified e-prescribing tools. This integration with DrFirst strengthens the critical link between chiropractors, their patients, pharmacies and payers.

Full Use Licenses
These are recommended for HITECH eligible prescribing providers who want to handle their prescriptions electronically. MDs and DOs, for the most part, fall into this category.

Limited Use Licenses
These are recommended for non-prescribing HITECH eligible providers. This is the license that chiropractors will need. It is a documentation-only license and does not allow prescribing of medications. It is available for an extra fee.

As noted, chiropractors in most states do not prescribe medications. However, the HITECH Meaningful Use mandate requires that chiropractors taking part in Meaningful Use must document a patient’s medications and their allergies to medications. They do NOT have to document dosages, just the medications.

In Medicfusion EHR, eRx is an interface with DrFirst, which sends prescriptions electronically to the patient’s pharmacist (includes most major pharmacies such as Walgreens, Rite-Aide, etc.). A patient’s medications can be retrieved in DrFirst by clicking on their MedHX button. However, allergies cannot be found this way. A patient has to tell the office if they have any allergies to medications, and this needs to be recorded.

ePrescribe highlights include:

  • Real-time patient medication lists
  • Electronic prescription
  • One click renewals
  • Fewer calls from pharmacies or to physicians
  • Fewer handwriting interpretation errors
  • Increased productivity
  • Reduced potential for adverse drug events


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