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This dynamic feature makes it faster and easier to document medical necessity

Medicfusion works with many partners to provide an EHR product that benefits its customers. Our Outcomes Assessment Library from Dr. Kim Christensen is a perfect example.

The Outcomes Assessment Library is available for an extra fee.

What It Is

Our Outcomes Assessment Library gives chiropractors a simple, concise way to track change over time when managing patients in a clinical setting. You can easily identify plateaus or end-points in care, as well as tracking activity tolerance and pain intensity on a quantitative basis. You can then quickly share “hard” data about the patient’s quality of life with those involved in the case management process.

How You Benefit

Documentation is a key to getting paid in today’s healthcare system. Are you ready for a Medicare audit? Can you defend your services? This Medicfusion feature lets you answer “yes” to these questions by making it easy to document medical necessity and prolonged recovery.

Easy to Use

With Outcomes Assessment software, it takes less than 60 seconds per month per patient with the evidence-based Functional Rating Form that the patient completes.

Features include:

  • More than 20 research-validated forms that are computer-scored and provide a report covering Patient Results with Normative Data, including Treatment Goals, Current Treatment Results and Overall Treatment Results.
  • Over 20 authorized questionnaires that are computer-scored and provide interpretation on every Patient’s Outcomes Assessment Summary Report. This is valid documentation that demonstrates improvement and further treatment necessary to normalize your patient.
  • In addition, the Global Well-Being Scale is an instrument responsive to immediate changes in the patient’s perception of global well-being.

Protecting Your Practice

With Medicfusion’s Outcomes Assessment Library in place, you can avoid this post payment trap – Medicare is demanding that you pay back over 4 years of payments amounting to over $100,000 because . . .

  • You failed their audit.
  • You did not provide the Medical Necessity to be paid.
  • You did not show Functional Improvement with your treatment.

Put these concerns behind you; your practice is now evidence-based!

Kim Christensen, DC

Dr. Kim Christensen is co-director of the SportsMedicine & Rehab Clinics of Washington. He is a popular speaker at numerous conventions and participates as a team physician and consultant to high school and university athletic programs, as well as being a chiropractic faculty member. He is currently a postgraduate faculty member of numerous chiropractic colleges and is the current president of the American Chiropractic Association (ACA) Rehab Council. Dr. Christensen is the author of numerous publications and texts encompassing musculoskeletal rehabilitation and nutrition.

Outcomes Assessment Library is available for an additional fee.

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