Medicfusion and MDOL Announce Launch of ChiroComplete™

Medicfusion and MDOL Announce Launch of Integrated EHR/PM Solution, ChiroComplete™


RALEIGH, NC – The leading EHR provider MedicFusion announced today that it has officially launched the company’s ground-breaking EHR/PM solution ChiroComplete™. A joint venture between Medicfusion and MD On-Line, Inc. (MDOL), a leading provider of data-driven healthcare solutions, the partnership provides the chiropractic community for the first time with a powerful EHR, billing, and practice management system in one neatly integrated package.

Designed by chiropractors for chiropractors, Medicfusion’s cloud-based EHR increases office efficiency, simplifies documentation and compliance, and improves the speed and accuracy of SOAP notes. The combination of Medicfusion EHR with MDOL’s InSync® PM product allows users to further maximize productivity and revenue streams through the effective management of payments and detailed financial and analytical reporting.

Pre-launch demand for ChiroComplete™ has been overwhelming, with the system now rolling into practices at the rate of 10 to 20 a week. “The initial response from the presale alone affirms there is significant need within the chiropractic community for a system that can accommodate both their clinical and administrative needs,” said Shayne Sundholm, CEO of Medicfusion EHR. “We are confident that this combined product is hands down the most robust, tailored EHR/PM in chiropractic today.”

Ashish Vacchani, MDOL EVP of InSync®, RCM, and MT, agreed with Sundholm’s assessment. “In today’s rapidly changing healthcare environment, an EHR system with seamless billing and financial reporting capabilities is critical to survival for chiropractors,” said Vacchani. “There’s no better time to embrace this technology than right now with ChiroComplete™.”

The revolutionary ChiroComplete™ package is also HITECH -certified, allowing Medicare eligible professionals (EPs) to qualify for up to $24,000 in government incentives if they begin using the EHR component by October 1, 2014. After this date, incentives will expire and EPs will face a -1% adjustment in their Medicare reimbursements for 2015.

Medicfusion is currently offering regularly scheduled Webinars that preview the ChiroComplete™ product. To register for the next online demonstration, visit

For further information about ChiroComplete™, contact Medicfusion at (866) 643-7778 or visit

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