Join us for Medicfusion’s June episode of our Grow Your Practice Webinar Series on Low Back Active Care and Sports Rehab for the novice and the sports rehab specialist and anyone in between!

Webinar: How Active Care Can Help Low Back Pain Patients
When:   Thursday, June 8
Time:     1:00pm EDT

Learn the principles of Active Care based on our low back treatment model using the WebExercises® integrated feature. The exercise intervention model is based on the latest research and can be applied to most other body regions.

Never tried Active Care before?

We’ll provide simple ideas on how to get started. Already experienced in sports rehab? Get insights from the latest research that could help you provide your patients with even more effective treatment.

Understand how to get optimal results for your patients and how this can help you grow your practice. All webinar attendees will receive a free low back patient handout.

About Dr. David Cruz

Dr. Cruz is a founder of WebExercises and will be the featured speaker for this webinar. He has practiced as a sports chiropractor for 20 years treating athletic injuries from weekend warriors to professional athletes. He received his Bachelor of Science degree in athletic training as well as receiving his Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist certification along with several other certifications.

While pursuing a graduate degree in kinesiology, his background in sports medicine and interest in technology made him passionate about bringing these two worlds closer together, resulting in the foundation of his company WebExercises in 2005.

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