Dean Rottinghaus DC
Vice President Sales and Development

A 1989 graduate of the University of Kansas, Dr. Dean Rottinghaus earned his Doctor of Chiropractic degree in 1992 from Cleveland Chiropractic College in Kansas City, Missouri. That same year he opened a successful private practice in Cincinnati, which continues to this day.

Medicfusion was founded in 2002 by Dr. Rottinghaus for his office in Cincinnati. He has led Medicfusion from its infancy to its current status as one of the leading EMR companies in medical technology.

Dr. Rottinghaus leads the Medicfusion division for VSS Medical Technologies and is responsible for sales, development and oversight of new code releases. He works closely with Harry Manesis and Philip Turner in day-to-day operations of Medicfusion. Dr. Rottinghaus currently lives in Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida with his two children.

Harry Manesis
Chief Operating Officer

Mr. Manesis joined Sigmund in 2005 after a sixteen year tenure with the IBM Corporation. He initially held senior corporate accounting and finance positions. He later moved on to IBM Global Services and served in both senior project manager and consultant roles, providing oversight for implementation of enterprise financial systems. In this capacity, he worked directly with Fortune 100 and 500 corporations both domestically and abroad. His role expanded to encompass oversight for sales operations responsible for management of million dollar/multi-year software implementation and consulting engagements worldwide.

Mr. Manesis has been instrumental in evolving Sigmund strategies for software deployment, consulting and customer support management. Mr. Manesis is responsible for all of Sigmund’s sales, development, implementation and consulting engagements, support, quality assurance and overall operations of the company.

Philip Turner MBA, B.Comm
Chief Executive Officer

Philip Turner became CEO of Medicfusion, Inc., in December 2014 and is focused on growing the business so that Medicfusion increases its suite of product offerings to existing clients, and plans to continue to invest in infrastructure so that the Medicfusion footprint continues to grow.

Philip began his career in 1990 at Forewest Industries in Calgary, Alberta, where he worked in Oil and Gas technology, specifically for horizontal drilling applications. In 1993, he moved to Pitney Bowes in Toronto in a management role and traveled across Canada and into the United States. In 1997, Philip joined FedEx Canada and was responsible for business planning and pricing initiatives. After 3 years at FedEx, Philip moved over to a software company, where he was one of the founders of a small start-up software company: AutoBranch Technologies. AutoBranch focused on development of ATM software applications and built some very strong Intellectual Property for automated banking machines. Philip is an entrepreneur and leads divisions that include medical software, point-of-sale software, hardware, leasing and real estate.

Philip is also President & CEO of Quickservice Technologies Inc. (, a leading provider of Point-of-sale software solutions within the quick service sector. Philip’s focus has been on strategic initiatives to increase the Quickservice software offerings and diversify geographically, while exceeding the expectations of the existing customer base.

Born in Surrey, England in 1969, Philip attended the University of Calgary where he received a Bachelor of Commerce degree in 1990, and attended the University of Toronto where he received a Master of Business Administration in 1993.

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