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The Benefits of a Cloud-Based Solution
Protecting your valuable patient records

Cloud computing refers to the use of computing resources that reside on a remote server and are delivered to the end user primarily on the Internet. Once considered a fad by critics, the web-based cloud has become the “solution of choice” for thousands of companies of all sizes, including Medicfusion.

Advantages of the Cloud

There are many reasons why the “cloud” has become virtually the standard in business. Highlights include:

  • Accessibility: Medicfusion’s seamlessly integrated, database-driven, web-based system is accessible 24/7 over the Internet, providing instant access whenever and wherever you need it, including from your smart phone or tablet.
  • Security: In today’s technology-powered business environment, a cloud-based solution is the safest way to protect your valuable patient records.
  • Web Based vs. Client Server: Client server-based software no longer makes sense because it is vulnerable to disasters like floods, hurricanes, fires or tornados. Regardless of what happens with brick and mortar structures, your data will be safe and can be accessed in the time it takes to plug in a new computer and login to Medicfusion.
  • Backup and Recovery: The cloud simplifies and speeds backup and recovery of data because it resides on the cloud and not on a physical device.
  • Competition: Critics of cloud solutions typically cite security and privacy issues, noting that end users are turning over their private data and information to the cloud service. Can the provider be trusted? Will data be lost? Today, as cloud computing becomes more popular, there are more storage providers than ever. Competition is fierce. To survive, companies must be 100 percent dedicated to providing secure and reliable service or lose business.

Medicfusion offers complete backup of customer data and works tirelessly with our provider to ensure the highest level of security and privacy in the marketplace.

Cautionary Tale

A few years ago, a chiropractor was accused of malpractice. Before the trial began, his town and office were ravaged by a tornado, and all his patient records were destroyed. He had no paper trail to defend his course of treatment. After a nightmarish trial, he was finally acquitted. If his office had been web-based, the records would have been easily accessible, and he would have been quickly cleared.

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